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Here you can get all the products for sustainable drying of damp walls: from waterproofing (injection cream) to plaster and paint. The result is a long-term dry and mold-free wall surface. Another advantage is short drying times during application. The high-quality system solution has been convincing our customers for more than 20 years and has received numerous awards.

Damp wall plaster systems from Buschek - your advantages

Dry walls due to water absorbing and releasing plaster (hydrophilic)
Short renovation times due to short drying time between the individual plaster layers (approx. 24 hours for 20mm layer thickness)

Plaster retains its beauty and is not destroyed, because no crystallization of salts

Very fast removal of wall moisture due to highly absorbent and releasing plaster

No clogging of the pores by salts

Long service life due to decades of experience

Highly moisture-regulating (water absorption and release)

Micro air void content above 50%
Vapor diffusion value: approx. 6µ

The color can be tinted with natural pigments (pastel).

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The delivery time is 3-4 business days within Austria.

Shipping costs: Shipping costs are calculated by weight. The table gives you an overview.
Tip: With the Buschek pore additive we save CO2 and costs together by a more efficient transport.

Shipping costs by weight Austria:

Delivery weight
Shipping costs
0 - 19 kg
22,00 €
20 - 50 kg
40,00 €
51 - 100 kg
45,00 €
101 - 150 kg
55,00 €
151 - 200 kg
62,00 €
201 - 250 kg
75,00 €
251 - 1050 kg
125,00 €
1051 - 2100 kg
190,00 €

about buschek

Buschek is a manufacturer of building materials for the restoration and drainage of damp structures. Our products are the result of decades of experience and are based on many years of in-house research. The quality and effectiveness of Buschek damp wall plasters is confirmed by independent institutions.

  • Over 20 years experience
  • Renovation of more than 1000 objects with Buschek products
  • Ongoing research and product development
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"We used KALKOpor damp masonry plaster for the general renovation of Schloss Hof, as there was severe water damage in part due to broken gutters and water pipes. We were convinced by the easy application and rapid curing of the lime mortar without cracking. Years later, the quality was confirmed: there was no salting or efflorescence."

Technical Manager of Marchfeldschlosser Revitalisierungs- und Betriebsges.m.b.H

"It was a special challenge to get our wine cellar (former stable) dry and mold-free without carrying out previous remedial measures. With POROment damp wall plaster we managed to do that despite difficult conditions. We are still very satisfied with the result years after the renovation!"

Winery Schloss Halbturn

"We have benefited greatly from the cooperation with the Buschek company. The walls of our baroque townhouse, located on the ground floor and without a basement, are still in immaculate condition after 15 years. We can unreservedly recommend Buschek Plasters for old building renovations."

Prof. Mag. Pharm. Robert Müntz, CEO SALVATOR Pharmacy

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