Damp wall plasters - The basis for dry walls

Damp wall plasters POROment and KALKOpor from Buschek

From basic plaster to fine plaster and smooth: POROment and KALKOpor are systems for sustainably dry walls. The high breathing capacity of POROment and KALKOpor reduces moisture and allows the masonry to dry out. In this way, you lay the foundation for dry walls and mold-free surfaces.

  • Cement- or lime-based wet masonry plasters
  • For manual or machine processing
  • Applicable for indoor or outdoor use

The subtle difference

What is the difference between our damp wall plasters and the classic restoration plaster?

With conventional renovation plasters, the moisture is trapped in the masonry, causing the humidity to rise. This also favors the formation of mold.

Buschek's damp wall plaster systems have the ability to rapidly release moisture through the plaster while permanently maintaining the diffusion properties of the plaster. The moisture sinks and the plaster remains dry and mold-free. How does this work? The plasters and paints contain a special additive developed on the basis of the latest research into pore technology. The result is a strong surface enlargement, which allows moisture to escape permanently.

The solution is pore technology

Buschek's damp wall plaster systems have the ability to release moisture through the plaster extremely quickly while permanently maintaining the plaster's diffusion properties. This is achieved through the unique pore structure, which provides extreme surface enlargement - thus Buschek's plasters prevent mold and provide a dry, mold-free wall surface.

Dry walls due to water absorbing and releasing plaster (hydrophilic)
Short renovation times due to short drying time between the individual plaster layers (approx. 24 hours for 20mm layer thickness)

Plaster retains its beauty and is not destroyed, because no crystallization of salts

Very fast removal of wall moisture due to highly absorbent and releasing plaster

No clogging of the pores by salts

Long service life due to decades of experience

Highly moisture-regulating (water absorption and release)

Micro air void content above 50%
Vapor diffusion value: approx. 6µ

The color can be tinted with natural pigments (pastel).

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