KALKOpor damp masonry plaster

KALKOpor plasters are available as interior and exterior solutions and consist of quartz sand, NHL lime and the POROment additive.

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Primer and base plaster
Damp masonry plaster, binder NHL lime 2.0 as well as special pore additives for manual and mechanical processing, water-absorbent (hydrophilic), for exterior and interior use on damp masonry for plinth and wall areas, for the preservation of historical monuments as well as for old and new buildings. Grain size 4mm.

Tech Info:
Bag 25kg, 1Pal. = 42 sack = 1.050kg
Consumption: approx. 12.5 kg/m²/cm
Yield: approx. 1m²/bag with 2cm plaster thickness
minimum plaster thickness: 2,5cm
Not suitable for pressurised water and seepage water!

Declaration of performance and safety data sheet

KALKOpor-Feinputz is a purely mineral wet mortar of the mortar group Pia (air lime).
To be used for new buildings and for the renovation of old buildings for interior and exterior use. KALKOpor-Feinputz is characterised by its diffusion and capillary openness and the resulting room climate regulating effect.

KALKOpor - Feinputz made of marsh lime and white marble sand as well as the enclosed KALKOpor Additive is an air-hardening finishing plaster. Fields of application: For exterior and interior use on KALKOpor and POROment coarse plaster or other absorbent base plasters. The substrate must be tested according to ÖNORM B3346. When repairing old plaster, the wall surface must be rough, non-slip, absorbent, not water-repellent and free from loose particles. Not suitable for tiling. In the plinth area, the plaster must be protected with lime paint suitable for the system.

Stir the material with a whisk until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The consistency can be adjusted by adding a little water.

Tools: smoothed (smoothing trowel/Venezian trowel), spatula; finely rubbed wood or plastic plane (additionally with sponge board if necessary); coarsely rubbed felt board; fine gradations painter's brush/sponge. With the wet-on-wet technique, the fine plaster can be applied the very next day. Pre-wet the wall well one day before plastering. Plastering or painting with lime must not be carried out in direct sunlight, rain, below +10º Celsius, on a frozen surface or if there is a risk of frost. Maximum plaster thickness 1.5 mm.

Can be stored dry, cool, frost-free and closed for 12 months.

Material residues can be given to the building rubble.

Safety precautions:
Swamp lime is irritant (contains calcium hydroxide). Protect skin and eyes! Final coating for exterior and interior: KALKOpor lime paint

Delivery form:
15kg in bucket

1 bucket is sufficient for approx. 5-6m² wall surface at 1.5mm plaster thickness.

Safety Data Sheet

Smoothing plaster / filler Dry mortar for interior and exterior use

Product Description:

To be used for the renovation of old buildings and for new buildings. KALKOpor NHL-Kalkglätte is composed of natural hydraulic lime, white hydrated lime, marble granules and KALKOpor additive. It does not contain any synthetic binding agents. NHL-Kalkglätte is highly open to diffusion, fungus and mould resistant and corresponds to mortar class GP - CS I-W0 /ÖNORM EN 998-1.

Safety Data Sheet

Properties: KALKOpor lime smoothing white is a ready-to-use, purely mineral smoothing compound, consisting of at least 1 year matured marsh lime ,additives and various rock powders with a grain size up to max. 0.25 mm.

This material is versatile and is particularly suitable for creating smooth surfaces on KALKOpor and POROment plasters in interior areas. KALKOpor-Kalkglätte white is odourless, highly capillary and diffusion open and has a lasting germicidal effect due to the alkaline properties of lime putty.

The smoothing agent can basically be used on all absorbent and mineral substrates.

Safety Data Sheet

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