KALKOpor fine plaster interior/exterior


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KALKOpor-Feinputz is a purely mineral wet mortar of the mortar group Pia (air lime). To be used for new buildings and for renovation of old buildings for interior and exterior use. KALKOpor-Feinputz is particularly characterized by its diffusion and capillary openness and the resulting room climate regulating effect.

KALKOpor - fine plaster made of marble lime and white marble sand as well as the enclosed KALKOpor additive is an air-hardening finishing plaster. Fields of application: For exterior and interior use on KALKOpor and POROment coarse plasters or other absorbent base plasters. The substrate must be tested according to ÖNORM B3346. When repairing old plasters, the wall surface must be rough, with good grip, absorbent, not water-repellent and free from loose particles. Not suitable for tiling. In the plinth area, the plaster must be protected with lime paint suitable for the system.

1 bucket is enough for approx. 5-6 m² wall surface, grain size 0.5 mm

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Weight 15 kg


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Dry walls due to water absorbing and releasing plaster (hydrophilic)

Short renovation times due to short drying time between the individual plaster layers (approx. 24 hours for 20mm layer thickness)

Plaster retains its beauty and is not destroyed, because no crystallization of salts

Very fast removal of wall moisture due to highly absorbent and releasing plaster

No clogging of the pores by salts

Long service life due to decades of experience

Highly moisture-regulating (water absorption and release)

Micro air void content above 50%
Vapor diffusion value: approx. 6µ

about buschek

Bautenschutz Buschek GmbH is an Austrian quality company with years of experience and expertise in masonry and building restoration.

Buschek's self-developed products POROment and KALKOpor with the unique Buschek formula are damp masonry plasters that have been used for more than 15 years as a system solution for damp masonry and masonry containing harmful salts. Trust in Buschek and put an end to wet walls.

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